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  • Ring the alarm again

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    The Court of Appeal has confirmed Mr Justice Jay's judgment in Milton Furniture Ltd v Brit Insurance Ltd. In doing so, the Court opined on both the approach to take to construing clauses that cover similar grounds in the same document and what “attended” means in the context of a property policy.

  • In to escrow or out of escrow? The Commercial Court decides in Teal v WR Berkley

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    The Court was asked to look at a preliminary issue in the ongoing Teal Assurance Co v (1) WR Berkley Insurance (2) Aspen Insurance proceedings, namely, whether the insured’s loss occurred when money was paid into an escrow account (set up to pay claims under a settlement agreement) or when the money was drawn down from the escrow account by the third party claimant.

  • Notifying insurers about likely claims

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    In Maccaferri Limited v Zurich Insurance Plc [2015] EWHC 1708, Mr Justice Knowles held that an obligation on an insured to notify as soon as possible an event which is likely to give rise to a claim as soon as possible does not import a duty on the part of the insured proactively to make enquiries for such events.

  • Avoidance: materiality and inducement

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    In a rare case concerning the avoidance of liability under a combined liability policy (Brit UW Limited & F&B Trenchless Solutions Limited), the insurer Brit was held to have validly avoided the policy on the grounds that it was induced to enter into the contract as a result of F&B’s (the insured’s) material non-disclosure and misrepresentation.

  • Liability for the unstable of mind

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    Dunnage v Randall & UK Insurance Limited is a decision of the Court of Appeal concerning the duty of care owed by a person suffering from mental illness and the liability of insurers under a household policy for injuries caused by that person to another.

  • Location, location, location: three recent decisions on governing law and jurisdiction

    23.11.2015 | Insurance & Reinsurance

    The governing law and jurisdiction applicable to an insurance contract can have an important impact on how it is interpreted and, therefore, on the outcome of an insurance claim.

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