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  • Offshore oil and gas safety - a regulatory overhaul

    28.04.2015 | Energy

    The Offshore Safety Directive adopted by the EU in 2013 aims to prevent major accidents relating to offshore gas and oil operations. Partner Clare Kempkens and Solicitor Rachel Bernie spoke with Helen Redding of Lexis PSL about the main objectives of the Directive and considered the impact of the implementing regulations in the UK when they come into force in July 2015.

  • The Yacht Brief April 2015

    22.04.2015 | Yachts and superyachts

    Welcome to the first edition of the Ince & Co online Yachting Newsletter, which we shall be sending out on a regular basis to our valued yachting clients and contacts. In each Newsletter, we shall be reviewing relevant cases and regulatory developments that will be of interest to you and may impact on your business. Our focus will be on international legal and regulatory developments relating to yachtbuilding, sale and purchase, insurance and operational matters.

  • Brokers beware protect your commission

    22.04.2015 | Yachts and superyachts

    Yacht brokers and their clients are not always clear on when the broker will be entitled to receive a commission upon completion of a sale. The dispute relating to the sale of the 4YOU makes it clear that, in order to claim his commission, the broker’s actions should have brought about the relationship between the buyer and seller and should be an effective cause of the sale. The case serves as a timely reminder to brokers to ensure that their instructions are clearly set out and that, having been instructed, they keep up their efforts to bring about the sale of the yacht.

  • What “as is where is” really means in yacht sale contracts

    22.04.2015 | Yachts and superyachts

    We provide a review of two recent cases that consider the meaning of “as is where is” and whether including those words in a ship/yacht sale contract means that there will be no implied terms that the ship/yacht must be of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose.

  • A good claim can be invalidated by passing false information to the insurer

    22.04.2015 | Yachts and superyachts, Yacht insurance

    A recent English Court of Appeal decision in a marine insurance case highlights the dangers of inaccurate claims and the importance for those who take out insurance cover to present their claims honestly. Even what appears to be a relatively insignificant untruth can lead to an otherwise valid claim being lost.

  • Building a yacht in Germany: your choice of law may not be as simple as you think

    22.04.2015 | Yachts and superyachts, Yacht sale and purchase

    We provide a short Q & A highlighting how a yachtbuilding contract between a German shipyard and an English buyer may result in both German and English law applying. Key issues include what consumer protection regulations will apply (if any), as well as the time limits for bringing claims under the contract.

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