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Ukraine: War Risks and other issues
The concept of what is “dangerous” in the context of a War Risks clause such as Conwartime has been tested recently in the English Courts in the context of piracy. Our overview touches on how the principles laid down by the Court may apply where there is a situation of war or warlike activities.

Insurance Linked Securities:Cat Bond, Cat Fight!
In this article by Kiran Soar & Lorraine Fernandes we look at the example of the current US cat bond litigation involving Mariah Re, American Family Mutual Insurance, PCS and AIR

Iran Sanctions Update: EU suspends certain sanctions for six months
In this update, we set out the latest developments regarding the EU sanctions against Iran. At the end of November 2013, the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China) reached an agreement with Iran whereby Iran would curb its nuclear program in return for a reversible suspension of certain trade restrictions against it under the EU and US sanctions regimes. The suspension shall apply for an initial period of six months but is contingent upon Iran’s continued compliance with the November agreement.

Key considerations for airline start-ups
Starting an airline requires entrepreneurs with drive, motivation and vision to turn the idea into a viable reality. It is vital to seek out the right specialist expertise at the earliest stages to get things established on the right footing. The Ince & Co Aviation Team has advised clients on all matters relating to aviation start-ups, from aircraft financing, leasing and engine agreements through to regulatory issues, corporate structures and shareholding arrangements, and the resolution of disputes when required. If you are intending to establish an airline, the areas outlined below should be carefully considered.

Passing costs liability down a charterparty chain
This decision deals with the recoverability of costs as damages in arbitration, where the claim is being passed down through a chain of charterparties but there is no arbitration reference for one of the links in the charterparty chain.

Worldwide anti-corruption initiatives: a comparison of UK and US legislation
This article compares the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in the context of global anti-corruption initiatives.

Offshore wind energy - The importance of clear allocation of contractual risks and liabilities
If the UK offshore wind energy sector is to reduce costs it will be necessary to address the contractual interface between owners/developers and contractors early in the project lifecycle so risk and responsibility can be considered in detail and allocated. In this article we discuss the merits of various contracting strategies and forms which are currently in use.